BOOB JOB IN SOUTH KOREA | My Experience at LaPrin Plastic Surgery

Boobs featured lifestyle Plastic Surgery South Korea Surgery August 20, 2015 66 Comments

Hi everyone! I am certain with this blog post, not only will I be having my lovely regular readers, but also some new ones who are looking to find all the information needed on gettings cosmetic surgery or a boob job (breast augmentation) in South Korea! This is a subject that hasn’t really been published to the public in English.…

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Hello 2013!

Boobs New Year January 2, 2013 0 Comments

YAY! It is a new year and the world did not end! Super happy!  But I will be honest, I am a little nervous for this new year. My 2012 didn’t seem like a lot had happened but when I think back I realize I went through a lot in 2012, not only me but even my relationship with Kyle went through…

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