Fashion lifestyle vlog November 12, 2017 0 Comments

Ever since I made the big move to Australia, there has always been one bucket list event I have desperately wanted to attend, Melbourne Cup Spring Races. From a foreigners perspective, Australia has numerous tourist attractions that make any trip to the land down under worthwhile, beaches, nature, cafe culture, animals and races! In my point of view, horse racing…

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BiiBiiBeauty Boyfriend

lifestyle Love October 28, 2016 0 Comments

Hello everyone! So I am assuming you have arrived here on my blog because you want to know the biibiibeauty boyfriend and who he is? Am I right?! This is a blog post I have avoided writing as you never know where life will take you and relationships are very personal matters. However before I knew it, it has already been…

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BOOB JOB IN SOUTH KOREA | My Experience at LaPrin Plastic Surgery

Boobs featured lifestyle Plastic Surgery South Korea Surgery August 20, 2015 66 Comments

Hi everyone! I am certain with this blog post, not only will I be having my lovely regular readers, but also some new ones who are looking to find all the information needed on gettings cosmetic surgery or a boob job (breast augmentation) in South Korea! This is a subject that hasn’t really been published to the public in English.…

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OMG KOREAN CAFE | 설빙 커피점 허니브래드

Food korea seoul Travel vlog January 16, 2015 2 Comments

  1 of the most popular cafe chains in Korea   If you have ever been to South Korea, you may have occasionally seen large looking cafes with lots of photos of extravagant looking desserts. Not Paris Baguette, not Paris Croissant and not any other coffee shop but 설빙 (Sulbing) Korean Dessert Cafe! I recently visited Sulbing Korean cafe with Eunice…

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Adopting a Pet in South Korea | Cat Adoption in Korea

Animals korea lifestyle vlog December 16, 2014 3 Comments

Adoption a pet in South Korea It is something everyone and not just foreigners should take into consideration. Homeless pets is always an issue in every country in the world, however in some countries it can be more of a serious situation then in others. Korea tends to turn a blind eye to some cases of homeless animals especially in…

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Gangnam Station Shopping | Gangnam Style | Korea Adventure Time

clothing korea lifestyle Mall seoul Travel vlog September 30, 2014 0 Comments

  You may of may not have heard the song Gangnam Style that was popular back in 2012-2013. A song that more or less helped to put Seoul South Korea “on the map” for many North Americans that had no idea what South Korea was all about. A fast passed growing country that has taken the music industry by storm and…

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