BOOB JOB IN SOUTH KOREA | My Experience at LaPrin Plastic Surgery

Boobs featured lifestyle Plastic Surgery South Korea Surgery August 20, 2015 66 Comments

Hi everyone! I am certain with this blog post, not only will I be having my lovely regular readers, but also some new ones who are looking to find all the information needed on gettings cosmetic surgery or a boob job (breast augmentation) in South Korea! This is a subject that hasn’t really been published to the public in English.…

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gangnam korea kpop Plastic Surgery seoul South Korea Surgery Travel Video youtube November 15, 2014 3 Comments

      Plastic Surgery Korea Korea currently is the leading country for plastic surgery with the nickname “Most Plastic Country”. It’s biggest tourism being for cosmetic surgery korea. Many foreigners are now travelling into south Korea just for cosmetic surgery treatments. You can find travel agencies in Korea dedicated just for the cosmetic surgery korea tourism. Helping  foreigners have…

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Desperatly needs Nose Job/ wants one!

Beauty Health Help Looks Nose Surgery May 16, 2011 0 Comments

Over the years I’ve always wondered “hey, how come I always have a headache, post nasal drip, trouble breathing/noises at night, Sinus infections and Nose Bleeds!?”. I thought I was just one of those gross unlucky people that have horrible Nasal issues and there is nothing you can do about it 😛 I’ve also noticed my nose is slightly crooked…

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