HONEY MASK REVIEW | I’m From Honey Mask

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HONEY MASK REVIEW | I'm From Honey Mask



It’s time for another review! I will be sharing my experience and opinions on the I’m From Honey Mask which right now is a hot item on

The I’m From Honey Mask is a wash-off mask which as you may guess is made with honey. This mask has a very high percentage of honey in it, 38.7% honey from Jiri werl-peyung village in Korea. For honey lovers this mask is one you would definitely want to try!


HONEY MASK REVIEW | I'm From Honey Mask

The mask has a lovely texture very similar to honey however with a more opaque look to it rather then a glassy clear look. As soon as you open the jar, you immediately smell the captivating sent of honey that makes you want to take a spoon full and mix it into your tea.

But of course we will only be applying it to our faces! The honey mask comes with a silicon spatula to make extracting the product a lot easier and less messy.

When applying the honey mask to my skin, I first felt it might be too thick and possibly clog my pores because of it rich texture. But I put on a thick layer anyways as directed on the wishtrend product page.

The honey mask is meant to be left on the skin for at least 1 hour for best results, but since I had no plans all day, I left the mask on for 4 hours. Because why not!

My results were surprising!


HONEY MASK REVIEW | I'm From Honey Mask

In the span of 4 hours, the honey mask significantly reduced the redness in my acne scars. It did not providing a whitening effect, however after rinsing off the mask, my skin overall appeared brighter, less irritated and less visible redness in pimples, acne scars and other randomly red areas.

To my liking, my pores did not become clogged after using this mask. I had zero breakouts or irritation after using it for so long. My skin felt very well moisturized after using it.

The mask left a feeling on the skin like there was a thin layer of the mask still remaining or that of a very deep moisturizing cream that had already been absorbed into the skin. For some peopl, this after use texture may be annoying, but I personally enjoyed it as it left my skin feeling deeply moisturized after rinsing away the mask.

I make sure there was no remaining mask, I used some toner on a cotton pad to wipe away any excess and then continued with my regular nighttime skincare routine.


HONEY MASK REVIEW | I'm From Honey Mask



TL;DR Overall

Overall I personally was extremely happy with this mask as I felt it was absolutely perfect if you need some intensive rehydrating and moisturizing that no cream can provide you on its own over night. It left my skin very soft and smooth, less red, scar redness decreased, swelling removed and smelling like honey!

No breakouts, irritation or clogged pores. Only 1 super happy face.

Slight coated feeling remains after rinsing, however using a toner on a cotton pad removed any excess if you are concerns about remains blocking other products from absorbing.


Leave the mask on for as long as possible. It feels so good and make big skin improvements. Use it only once or twice a week unless you have excessively dry dry skin. Use some toner on a cotton pad to remove excess mask after rinsing.


I got my I’m From Honey Mask from here atΒ

HONEY MASK REVIEW | I'm From Honey Mask





HONEY MASK REVIEW | I'm From Honey Mask

Bronwyn Papineau (BiiBiiBeauty)
Hi! I am Bronwyn Papineau AKA BiiBiiBeauty & BiiBiiBap. Welcome to my area of the internet :3 I blog about my life and review the things I love while I travel. I am a beauty blogger & youtuber from Toronto Ontario Canada who lived in Seoul South Korea for 2 Years, Tokyo Japan for 1 and now Melbourne Australia. So, come with me on my beauty journey!

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  • putri mopilie February 26, 2015 3:08 am

    How did i get this product

  • Feelo March 4, 2015 7:21 pm

    Um, can I eat that?! haha the mask looks so yummy! It must have felt wonderful on. I do see that it lightened the pigmentation of your blemishes so that’s definitely a plus! c:

    • biibiibeauty March 5, 2015 3:09 am

      I know right! it smells so good as well! I really think it is perfect on one of those weekends you just want to treat yourself to a mini spa day πŸ™‚

  • Ericka May 20, 2015 4:58 am

    How do you remove it? Just warm water?

    • biibiibeauty May 20, 2015 5:54 am

      Yup! just rinse it off with warm water πŸ™‚

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