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Tuesday, April 22, 2014 // 10:48 PM
How to get a Cell Phone in South Korea

For foreigners coming to South Korea, this can be one of the first questions that pop into your head but not always one that you pursue. For myself, this was a question that was very important since blogging and staying in tune with my social networks are very important to me.

Not only is staying online important to most of us these days, but so is the comfort of being able to contact someone in an emergency as well as having a wifi connection to be able to get directions when you are lost.

The one mistake you don't want to make before coming to South Korea is assuming you will be able to survive by connecting to what ever free wifi you can get. You may have heard all the wonderful rumours that free wifi is everywhere in South Korea, which is true but there is a twist. The free wifi that everyone refers to is free wifi through service providers. This means you can connect in the subways for free, however you need to be on the network to do so.

My example is the most popular one that you will see everywhere in your wifi selection list and that is Olleh. You will see this service provider name everywhere in South Korea and they do provide free wifi almost everywhere except it is locked. The only way you can use that free wifi is if you have a phone contract or sim card with Olleh. See the twist? So it is free! But not free to just anyone!

This is where things can get tricky for a foreigner. You don't want to keep your old phone because paying rates to use your phone overseas is way too pricey. It makes the most sense to just get a new phone in South Korea right? Wrong! You may also be thinking, oh well LG and Samsung make their products in South Korea so it must be cheaper to just buy a new phone there. This is also false. To buy a new phone here is the same as if you were to buy a new one in North America. There isn't much of a price difference. If you bought a new phone here, you would also need to sign up with a Korean service provider which also is expensive. Their contracts aren't cheaper either. Plus unless you can speak Korean fluently, you will need a Korean friend to help sign you up. As a foreigner in South Korea all this can seem like a lot more work and effort then you want to put in.

In some special cases if you are coming to Korea as an ESL teacher, your school may provide you with a phone or you may be able to convince them into getting you one so they can contact you. I know some people who have done this. However this isn't always the case.

So what is the easiest way to get a cell phone in South Korea? Getting one through the Arrival Store!

Disclaimer: This is not at all a sponsored post, I am just one happy customer with the Arrival Store and truly am happy for the services they provide and how easy everything is through them.

The Arrival Store provides everything you can imagine could be hard to get at first in South Korea when you can't speak Korea. They provide household items from kitchen wear to bedding and they even provide rental cell phones and sim cards! Pretty handy stuff!

We are going to talk about the cell phones of course. If you know how long you are staying in Korea for and it is 6 months, 1 year or 2 years, you may be interested in a contract or rental phone. The Arrival Store provides the most affordable contracts for the shortest length of times with no hidden costs. Great right! Whats the catch? They don't always have the phone you want in stock and it is a rental.

"Well I already have an awesome phone from home, can I bring that and use it in Korea?" YES! I highly recommend you do this if you are happy with your current smart phone, doing this will save you money as well. All you have to do prior to coming to South Korea is cancel your contract with your cell phone provider in your home country and then ask them to unlock it for you. It is very important you get your phone unlocked so you can connect to Korean service providers with your phone.

If your already in Korea, brought your phone and didn't unlock it, there are online services that can unlock it for a fee. This fee is usually just under $100. 

Once you are all unlocked and on your way to Korea you can order a sim card through the arrival store and they can either have it waiting for you at the airport or they can mail it to the school you are working at! Very easy! The sim card only lasts 30 days and is pre loaded with around $25. You pay $39 for the sim card so overall you are only paying $15 a month for a working phone! If you use all your voice money by making calls or texting, you can add more money to your sim card within that month online, from your phone or through a local CU or seven11! The best part is that you can transfer you voice money into data money, then you can use data to text through apps like Kakao talk or Line. The best part is that they run you through Olleh network so you now can connect for free to Olleh! Meaning you don't have to use any more money from your phone because no matter where you are you more or less will always have free wifi to Kakao message everyone or go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you name it! So you basically pay $15 a month for a full working phone with unlimited wifi and text through wifi apps. You can't find anything cheaper in Korea.

You may be thinking, "well I text a lot and I don't want to use an app to text". No, no no. You want to use this app. Everyone in South Korea uses Kakao. You will realize this after being on the subway for the first time. Everyone has their phones out and is either watching SNL or are chatting on Kakao. Oh, did I mention you can also make phone calls on Kakao to other Kakao users? Ya awesome right?

The only thing you need to worry about is buying a new sim card every month. For that price, it is worth it. Your sim card comes with a phone number too so you don't have to worry about that either! Setting up your sim card is very easy through the web site they provide as well.

So if you aren't 100% on your length of stay in Korea, the sim card is your best option. If you are sure on how long your staying, you can still get the sim card because its such a good deal, or you can go with a contract, it's your choice.

I went with the sim card. What will you choose?

I hope this was helpful to some of you who are curious on the topic. I have provided a link bellow to the Arrival Store so you can learn more about them and see your options. I wish you all luck in South Korea!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014 // 9:48 PM

I recently received the lovely Velvet Beaute Brush set from which contains a total of 9 full size brushes. The Velvet Beaute Brush set is designed to provided consistent and smooth application of makeup with a soft velvety feel. I am here to share with you on how well these brushes function and how good the quality of them is.

I got these brushes in the mail a few days before I was set to move to South Korea. I had just enough time before my travel date to test them out and decide wether or not they were worth bringing to South Korea with me. Over those few days I came to quite the decision!

I decided to bring only these brushes with me to South Korea! Meaning out of my entire makeup brush collection I chose only this set to bring! Why you ask? Well because they were so much better then my previously owned brushes!

The Velvet Beaute Brush set provides everything you need in a brush set from face brushes all the way to eye brushes you have all the basic essentials you need to create a flawless looking face. Not only does it just provide the essentials but it also comes in a very convenient and easy to use travel case that can also stand up right and be displayed on your makeup counter for easy access to your brushes.

The main reason as to why I decided to bring only these brushes with me to Korea was because of how silky smooth they were in comparison to my old brushes! Every single brush in this set is very soft and smooth and on top of that they are all very dense and thick. Each brush is loaded up with hairs, letting you achieve the most flawless application of makeup without having any blotches.

Each brush in the set is designated for a particular use and function. I have listed the brushes functions bellow in reference to the numbering in the above photo.

  1. Foundation - Classic tapered foundation brush
  2. Flattop - Classic dense flattop foundation/mineral powder brush
  3. Powder - Classic large powder brush face & body
  4. Contour - Dense angled contour brush / blush brush
  5. HD Concealer - Dense synthetic style blending brush
  6. Tapered Eye - Dense medium pencil brush
  7. Blending - Dense blending brush
  8. Shader - Flat eyeshadow brush
  9. Dual - Dual ended multi use eyeliner brush/lip brush
Out of this set of brushes I have 3 that have become my holy grail must have brushes which are the Flattop brush, the HD Concealer brush and the Contour brush! These three brushes stomped my old brushes! I had nothing like them and they were such a treat to use! I use the HD concealer brush daily to conceal unsightly spots. The brush works wonders on concealing acne pimples, acne scars and even redness and under eye circles without looking like you have concealer on! The Flattop brush works amazing with liquid, cream and even powder foundations! It creates a skin like look to your foundation making it look like you aren't even wearing any while still providing a even coverage. The Contour brush works amazingly for both bronzer and blusher. It creates a perfect application of powder with zero blotches, perfect application every time!

I couldn't be any happier with my decision to bring these brushes with my to South Korea! They are the perfect amount of brushes for daily life and for travel, all providing a very soft and smooth application while also being a convenient travel size in a cute velvet case!

Want to see each individual brush? Watch my video review bellow to here my thoughts!

Want to know where to get these brushes? head on over to IMOMOKO.COM by clicking here! Make sure to use my coupon code BBFORYOU to get 10% OFF this brush set and get FREE SHIPPING with any bonus small purchase! Just spend $1 more! :D That is one crazy amazing deal! 

I hope you enjoyed this review post! 

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// 4:26 AM

So while I was still living in Canada a couple weeks ago I was really craving a good hair cut and refreshed colour. However prices where I lived were expensive. I heard that in Korea hair cut prices are way less expensive depending on where you go and the cuts and colour are very good! So I decided to hold out on updating my style until I got to Korea.

Two days ago I went to Juno Hair. I had only heard good things about the chain online and figured it would be worth my while. So I gathered my money and decided I would treat myself to an intensive salon day. I wanted a cut to remove all the broken hair, a new colour because I was tired of my blonde and then I wanted a magic treatment to bring health back to my dead hair.

I brought a picture into the salon to show the stylist exactly what I wanted so there would be no miscommunication and they could literally see what I wanted.

I showed them the colour and cut to the right and said I wanted that colour and that cut. They agreed and pointed to the colours on the colour chart which were the exact same so I agreed.

As you can tell the results were not good... Just my luck after not going to a salon in 3.5 years!

This is what I got... a lighter top of my hair and a dark blue grey shade at the ends... when you compare it to what I asked for and showed them there is nothing at all similar! :( Surprising I was only slightly devastated, I was happy because I mostly wanted all the dead cut off which I knew was the majority of my length. I also had the urge to go darker but I was scarred to so didn't request it. 

However what bothers me the most is how in the world did they thing putting a dark blue colour over a very light blonde was a good idea? What also bothers me again is that the blue dark they put on the bottom clearly was not the colour we agreed on. Since I am quite knowledge in hair dye and mixing, I know 100% that they messed up hugely on my hair. Thankfully they gave me a discount for ruining my hair. Naturally if I wasn't meeting someone in the next hour for lunch I would have made them fix my hair right there on the spot. But I was already running late so I quietly left with a disappointed look on my face.

To top it off the stylist kept insisting I give him my phone number the entire time he was doing my hair... It made the process awkward because I was there to get a new style... not get hit on! >.<

That night I kept considering going back and making them fix my hair for free but I came to the conclusion that if they messed my hair up that badly which should have been a very simple and easy dye job, then there was no way they would be able to properly fix it without making it worse.

So as per usual I decided to take matters into my own hands and use my own skills to fix their mess. 

I walked to my local Lotte market and picked up a dye brand that I was familiar with which was the Japanese brand Fresh Light.

Since for some reason they put such a dark cool ash blue brown colour in my hair I had to pick up a red colour to counter the blue. I was very limited on my options since Korea seriously doesn't have a large hair dye variety. Literally they have 1% compare to North America! Not much selection at all. This was the only colour that had a good amount of red. 

The packaging sure it cute though! This also was the only dye that showed it being able to go over multiple hair colours.

As soon as I got home I started to add the colour. I surprisingly really loved the product! There was so much foam! I had so much extra it was fabulous and it spread evenly all through my hair leaving no patches or dry spots. A very even and mess free application.

I let the product sit for the max amount of time to make sure it took properly on all the sections of my hair. I was nervous at first while it was processing because the colour was looking very red and almost like a dark pink.

But it turned out great! My hair colour still is not truly even but it is so much better then how it looked! The colour is now fairly consistent and the top of my head isn't substantially lighter then the ends. The ends of my hair that were previously blue are now more of a burgundy colour while it fades up into a nice rich chocolate medium brown colour.

As you can see it is a lot better then what the salon had done to my hair! I still can't believe how terrible it was >.<  he even tried to cover it up by telling me it will wash out to blonde in 3 washes. If I was someone who didn't know hair dye then he may have been able to fool me. But I have years of experience and know for a fact that he just messed up hugely :P

What I am hoping for is that the colour that was previously a grey blue will now wash out to more of a warm light brown colour rather then washing out to grey hair lol. I will probably have to re-dye my hair again in a month of so just to even it out more but for now this is 1000% better and I am now finally happy with it!

Anyways that is my horrid hair story from my salon visit! What do you think of my new hair colour and cut?

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